15 Fart Facts That Will Surprise You

To fart is human and we all do it. These 15 surprising and funny facts about the gas we pass are guaranteed to educate and make you smile!

1. The average human farts 14 times a day.

dog fart

Are you average or an over achiever?

2. You pass about half a liter of gas per day.

This is enough hot air to fill a medium sized balloon every day.

3. Farts get their stinky odor from just 1% of the gas you release.



Ninety-nine percent of a fart is composed of odorless gases. It’s the infamous 1% that is typically sulfurous that give farts the odor they are known for.

4. Smelling farts may be healthy.

A recent study found that hydrogen sulfide, the gas that makes farts and rotten eggs smell particularly gross, might prevent mitochondrial damage. The study was talking about direct treatment of cells with hydrogen sulfide, and was in no way related to farting, but we’ll be using it as an excuse to let ‘em rip until someone tells us otherwise.


5. Women fart just as much as men.

woman farting

A question that we get all the time is do girls fart?  The answer is a definitive  yes. They also smell worse due to the higher sulphur concentration.

6. The tighter the anus the louder the fart.

loud fart

The sphincter muscles help keep the anus closed.  When the gas comes out it causes vibrations and the tighter the sphincter the louder the fart.   If the sphincter is relaxed the toot will most likely be quite but if they are tight get ready to rumble!

7. 9.4 million gallons of human farts are released every day.

butt world

Now that’s alot of farts!

8. The word fart was first coined in 1632 and the definition is “to send forth as wind from the anus”

Wikipedia says Flatulence is defined in the medical literature as “flatus expelled through the anus” or the “quality or state of being flatulent”,[1] which is defined in turn as “marked by or affected with gases generated in the intestine or stomach; likely to cause digestive flatulence”  Fart is also one of the oldest words in the English language.

9. Female farts smell worse than males due to the higher hydrogen sulfide content.

holding nose stinky farts

10. Farts can be lit on fire.

11. Farts actually smell worse in the shower because the nose is more sensitive in humidity and high heat.

12. Farts travel up to 10 feet per second.

13. Soda and chewing gum can make you super gassy.

14. The stronger your sphincter muscles are the better you will be at holding in farts.

Fart Infographic

15.  Almost half of all women have farted during sex.

fart sex

According to a study at the University of California San Francisco-East Bay, 43% of women surveyed reported that they’d experienced “flatal incontinence” within the previous three months, although this did not deter them from having sex. (source)

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15 Fart Facts That Will Surprise You

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