Track Farts On Your Phone With Pill

fart pill

Never trust a fart.  To help us better understand the gas we pass researchers have created a pill to measure your farts.  This marvel of technology can detect the gases carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen, in the gut.

Sensors and a smartphone app enable the pill to send real-time readings of O2, H2, and CO2 in the gut which is more accurate and less evasive than sticking instruments up your butt.

Not much is known about the complicated inner workings of our digestive system and exactly why some foods create stinky gas.  This pill can help us get to the “bottom” of this mystery.

The pilot test included six people who altered their fiber intake and this outgassing was monitored.

fart pill



Everyone’s digestive system is unique….just like every fart.  Would you sign up for this study?

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