Most people embarrased by farts, says least surprising survey ever

A recent survey of  2,000 Americans shows as many as 75% of those studied say they experience an embarrassing moment at least once a week.

The survey was conducted by flatulence deodorizer, Devrom.


fart infographic


Top 10 most common forms of embarrassment for Americans

  1. Dropping things/ clumsiness etc.
  2. Saying something inappropriate
  3. Tripping
  4. Bathroom or health-related matters
  5. Telling/making jokes
  6. Embarrassment around needing the restroom or related matters
  7. Wardrobe malfunctions
  8. At work
  9. On dates/ in my love life
  10. Around superiors/bosses etc.

Top 5 most awkward scenarios for Americans

  1. Talking to someone you find attractive
  2. Bumping into someone you know
  3. A first date
  4. Being in a contained situation (elevator, crowded train/plane etc.)
  5. Bumping into an ex

20 times our bodies let us down (and how many have experienced it)

  1. Passed gas silently but it caused a smell 45 percent
  2. Farted while coughing 32 percent
  3. Farted while sneezing 28 percent
  4. Farted loudly 26 percent
  5. Sneezed and had a booger hanging out of my nose 23 percent
  6. Accidentally sneezed on someone 21 percent
  7. Unknowingly walked around with food stuck on my teeth 21 percent
  8. Accidentally coughed on someone 21 percent
  9. Food flew out of my mouth while talking with my mouth full 20 percent
  10. Threw-up in public 19 percent

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