What is your most embarrassing fart story?

farting in front of girlfriend

Everyone has an embarrassing fart story.  You know the one that just slips out at the worst possible time.  Maybe you’re on a first date or in a meeting at work and then BAM it happens!

Submit your most embarrassing cringe-worthy fart story for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

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Go ahead tell us your  most embarrassing fart story for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.  The best story will be awarded a $50 Amazon gift card.  Stories will be published on this site but don’t worry we won’t show your email address.  It will just be used  to send you the $50 Amazon gift card if you win.

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Some of our favorite fart stories to get things started

I was dating a new guy. Slept over his house for the first time and we got on the topic of farting. Me, attempting to be cute went on and on about “girls don’t even fart” hehehaha. Went to bed. I farted SO DAMN LOUD that it woke us both up. SO loud that it hurt. We both pretended it didn’t happen and in the morning he rolls over and says “Soo, I thought girls didn’t fart? I thought we got bombed!”

So it’s just me and me brother together at church back in the day when we still had to go. I had fallen asleep during the sermon and woke up because I heard somebody fart.

I looked around confused and looked at my brother who then told me that it was actually me who had farted. Oh, and they were wooden pews and it happened right after the priest had finished taking so it was dead silent. I’m actually kinda proud of that one.

Okay so my farts are always quiet, they never make a sound but they do stink and really bad too. So this one time I was waiting in line at the library and I needed to fart. So I say to myself, “well it’s not going to make a noise”, so BAMM!!! All of a sudden it makes this thunder noise, and it stank so bad. And I this old lady behind me nearly has a heart attack. So then everyone’s looking around to see wear that loud thunder noise came from, and to not look guilty I looked around the library too. Lol but it stank so bad, I checked out my books only to put them back in the bin (wear returns go) and I NEVER went into that library again. After making I stink bomb in there I don’t think anybody did. Lol, I hope I win Most Helpful because I promised to my self that I would never ever tell that story, nor ever think about that time again. Maybe in the future I’ll look back and laugh but right now I’m still super embarrassed. Lol.

Back in about 2008 I actually went to the filming of a dr phil episode and sat in the studio audience . The night before we had taco bell for dinner. On the day of filming I felt bad and was really gassy. During the filming I actually sharted really badly. The smell was so bad that it caused a commotion in the audience and they had to pause the filming while I left.

Was Halloween shopping at Value Village and I needed to fart. Pizza, wings, snacks, etc and my stomach was upset. I sneaked into the corner to unload a good wet one, which burned coming out. Didn’t see this poor woman ducked down behind the stand looking at fake vampire teeth. She stood up very quickly after I cleared my colon of noxious fumes.

Was at my girlfriends apartment and needed to fart really bad.  She was in her bedroom getting ready so I decided to let it rip as I walked into the kitchen.  To my surprise her mom was in the kitchen getting a glass of water.  I had just met her the day before.

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